Last Days To GO

These days I am feeling sad, depressed, lonely and sometimes exhausted. These all feelings are with me because my degree is going to end after two weeks> I will be leaving university and hostel life with lots of memories within me.

I was remembering those initial days when I first entered uni life. I was my first day at university as a student. I was tensed and fearful that what will happen next, what will be the next step which I will take. No one knows me I was alone. As time passes I make friends, lots of friends. My class mates, room mates, department fellows, university fellows and most importantly my group mates. They all just made my stay at university not just great but much more than entertaining.

Humayoun ,Me, Zia

I am feeling down as soon I will be going away from my friends. No one know what will happen next. Everyone is entering in professional life. The busy life after all. Whatever I do, where ever i go, I will miss my friends always. I will miss every inch every part of university where I spent my time with my group mates giggling, fighting, kidding, laughing, making stupid things and much much more fun.

I wish I would be able to reverse the time to my first day. I wish I could spend more time with my friends. As I am living in hostel, every time I am with my friends. Enjoying every part of uni life. But soon this journey of entertainment  is going to end.

I wish you best of luck my friends for your future life. I pray that all of you  may get good jobs. At every step I will remember you and try to reach you. i love you all.



What would you say?


::waves awkwardly::

Let me formally reintroduce myself for those of you who have forsaken me (just like I had forsaken my blog), and have forgotten my name. My name is Mashhood, and I hail from Bahawalpur. Twenty three years of age, and I live in cage because of my uncontrollable rage.


Help me..!!!

Do you have any kind of phobia? I do. Really..!! I have a height phobia. Heights makes me pretty scary. oOOoOO… I bet when my friends came to know about it they will try to get rid of me(never mind fellas I know you plan well).

::never mind::

Weather is getting wetter and sometime hotter and colder it makes me dizzy. Makes me sick. Literally, it’s been AGES since I posted. To get an idea of how long it has been since I last posted, you must know that I got comments from dinosaurs! And they’re extinct now. But in case you thought I died with them, then you thought WRONG. My life has undergone drastic changes in these last few months: both in good and bad ways. I did a lot of new things, learnt lessons and made many stupid mistakes as well. Got myself into a big trouble which I thought is fierce mistake ever I have done. I am thinking about sorting out that issue but I am too much confused…..


If you have a chance to give that person a gift whom you dislike most, what will you give him/her? If would be giving then I will give socks of room-mate.. I am sure that person will prefer to die with a knife rather than smelling those socks..


A huge shout out to you all and thanks for following my blog. I hope you won’t be disappointed.

Brrrrr, It’s Cold

Helloooo wordpressors.! How you doing? Aaann am fine thank you 🙂  Sorry sorry I was busy in some of my personal missions :-p rather I could say important tasks, that’s why I was missing from the wordpress. Here winter season is started. I am waiting for winter to go upto its peak coz I love winter season so much. But winter season brings sadness to me. Ssshhhhhh its secret.

I am much bored form university life. I am shifted to hostel. Yeah hostel life is good but not good as my home. I always miss my home. Time is just passing passing and will be passed. Any way I was googling then I saw a poem on winter season. I want to share it with you guys,


With cooler nights and soft warm days.

quilts for the beds, days breeze welcome.
We say goodbye to summer’s blaze.
Gold, orange and red are my Chrysanthemums,
as fall doggedly leaves the desert kingdom.

Soon will be gone, the light weight jackets.
Leaves, will finally, dance from the trees.
Goodbye to all the Farmer’s Markets.
While I warm my hands round a cup of hot tea,
powdered sugar snow, in the hills I see.

The bird bath has a coat of ice,
small creatures go off and hibernate.
My home is redolent with baking spice,
red berries in the bushes, so ornate.
It’s Winters time to dominate.


Boys Are Hurt Too


¤ When a Boy says Sorry even
though He didn’t do anything
¤ When a Boy cries because he
still Loves you or misses you
¤ When a Boy still tries to get
you Back
¤ When a Boy no matter how
much you hurt him still Loves
¤ When a Boy stops his
Argument with his Girl to
save his Relationship
¤ When a Boy continuously
makes U feel special & Tries to
make U Happy
¤ When a Boy is Upset but
doesn’t tell you as He thinks He
is annoying you
¤ When a Boy wants to Leave
you, because of your Rude
but He is Not able to do.
Don’t Let him Go
You May Never find Someone like that Ever again…

Its Team Work!Duh!?


The exams are finally here! My Midterm exam for my third semester in the university?! Exactly!

The exam timetables have been made. My classmates are already prepared. Our first exam Tomorrow (October 28) is Decentralization and Governance. I’m kinda excited. :)

I don’t really have good studying habits. I’m not really that bright either. I’m just average. :)



And it’s not really cheating … (are you guys taking me for a criminal? well, I am not!) I just happen to know who my true friends are … in times of DESPERATE NEEDS! :) It’s called teamwork. :)

Okay, if you have been offended. Ask yourselves, haven’t you cheated on a exam once? If you have then by all means laugh with me… we share deep roots of camaraderie… If you haven’t… then, I’m sorry, you haven’t really lived yet. :)

Tomorrow Is My Birthday


Tomorrow is my birthday. My last birthday was more than good but this will be marvelous. I am hoping I will get many surprises and prizes. 🙂 🙂

ImageTomorrow.. officially result of 2nd semester will be announced. I hope so that will be OK… Stay calm I will be posting something sexy very soon:p


The Moment you Realize you all alone

Respectable Bleeding Dopers,
Hi. How are you all? I hope this post finds you all in the best of your health and spirit. I am not at all surprised (not at all) that you all have been posting terrifically wonderful posts while I was stuck been busy.

Incidentally I am a human too. No matter how strong-willed, brave, strong I might be, I need people. I need people I could rely on. I need friends to count upon.

Of course, everybody has family, parents they could rely upon or look up for guidance. After family, the second option is friends. I never had any problems finding or making friends. And actually friends are the only thing in my life that make me think it’s worth living.

Last week I realized that I am all alone out there. All alone in this selfish mean world. People seem polite and friendly as long as they enjoy your company. But they are not ‘always’ there for you when they are needed. Sometime they even sacrifice you to save their skin.



And then they think by just saying ‘Sorry‘, they can compensate for the damage they have caused .

Do you think saying sorry is enough? No you don’t.

I have been betrayed by many people-in many ways-yet I have forgiven and forgotten them all. But what you did and how you did it, I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive and forget this in a hurry. Sometimes people blame you for their problems and failures. They think that they are doing very well. They only care about their feelings. Don’t care about others. What others feel, how others will bear the pain of those ridiculous harsh words? These are nothing to them.

I was busy in my marketing project. Experience was awesome. Group discussions, product, promotion and most important, conflicts made my experience wide. I have learned many good and bad things. Although it was a great project.


From left to right me, Sir Mujahid Iqbal and Zia(bhaloo)

One of my friend gifted me with novel ”Mataye jaan hai tu” Nice story and a very nice gift. Thank you so much my friend. I was so pleased and excited that I read it in just two days. Thanks again:)

Yours Insincerely,

Mashhood ur Rahman